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The JALITE Group of companies covers the key world markets for safety signs and safety wayguidance products using its principal strength in photoluminescent technology and know how.


JALITE has consolidated its leadership position by being the chosen supplier to leading building owners around the world for years. This has been further strengthened following the New York city law requiring all tall buildings to be equipped with photoluminescent escape route lighting systems in all stairwells.

JALITE has been shown to be the obvious choice over the miriad of  amateur "glow in the dark" merchants to equip professionally the majority of the most prestigious buildings in New York City.


JALITE is a singularly powerful response to today's absolute need for owners and occupiers to carry out formal risk analysis and disaster preparedness planning.


Over and over again the message becomes clear that electrical emergency lighting can not be considered an adequate provision for securing the safety of the means of escape. This has been proven beyond doubt in North America and elsewhere in real life and death situations.


JALITE Quality, Consistency and Capability over its long history makes it the logical choice for safety professionals seeking expertise in this field.

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