Photoluminescent products

JALITE has been manufacturing photoluminescent products for 30 years starting with paints and coatings and now with the most comprehensive range of base photoluminescent products, materials and finished  safety products in the world.

A non exhaustive list of products supplied to the world markets for photoluminescent products is as follows:


Photoluminescent PVC - Rigid boards

Photoluminescent PVC - self adhesive flexible material

Photoluminescent Vinyl - self adhesive 

Photoluminescent coated polycarbonate

Photoluminescent plastic extrusions

Photoluminescent aluminium - coated

Photoluminescent Low Location Lighting strips

Photoluminescent Demarcation Lines and stair markings

Photoluminescent clothing and textiles

Photoluminescent High Visibilty jackets

Photoluminescent Fire Safety Signs

Phtoluminescent Paints and Coatings

Photoluminescent Screen printed products

Photoluminescent ceramics and porcelain enamels

Photoluminescent master batch


All JALITE photoluminescent products are fully quality assured and tried, trusted and tested for reproducible luminance decay performance as classified by ISO 17398 and the photoluminescent safety products association classification.


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Photoluminescent Products

JALITE photoluminescent products are all fully quality assured with proven capability in their applications.



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