Frequently Asked Questions

Are signs required above extinguishers?

The requirement for any safety sign is determined by the formal risk assessment. In respect to fire fighting equipment including fire alarms the test is quite simple. Can they be identified and located quickly and effectively in an emergency? Do all the building occupants know the exact location of this vital equipment?


If the answer is likely to be no to any extent then the Health and Safety (Safety Signs & Signals) Regulations requires the use of appropriate markings or signs.


The most important parts of any risk assessment is to base decisions on objective data. The only data we have collected so far on this subject is from Essex Fire & Rescue who have stated that in their surveys a large percentage of employees do not know the location of their fire extinguishers. If this is the case nation wide then there is clear evidence that the location of fire extinguishers do need to be appropriately signed.

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