Frequently Asked Questions

Will it replace traditional electrical emergency lighting?

JALITE photoluminescent materials were originally designed to complement existing emergency lighting systems, however continuous improvements in luminance performance means that in certain circumstances high quality photoluminescent products can not only replace electrical emergency lighting but can offer significant improvements in the means of escape provisions.

They can be sited at waist or skirting level so they can  function if ceiling lights are obscured by smoke.


Similarly, life saving appliances and fire fighting equipment become more visible and are easily located in an emergency. Some emergency lighting can take up to 15 seconds or more to activate. In these instances, photoluminescence can be a lifesaver.


The definitive answer is that experience has shown ceiling mounted, electrical emergency lighting just does not perform well in emergency or fire situations. Photoluminescent systems have been proven to save lives. It now becomes a very straight question of the duty of  care.

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