Fire Safety Management and Disaster Preparedness

Over the 30 years of JALITE history each new major fire or disaster has led to the automatic recommendation for and adoption of photoluminescent safety signs and escape route lighting systems as part of the post disaster investigation and analysis. Fire Safety Management and disaster preparedness has progressively gained greater and greater importance in everyday life and is now, in most jurisdictions, a legal responsiblity for enterprise. Formal risk assessment will always lead to the justifications of improvements in the means of escape provisions where traditional emergency lighting alone can no longer be considered sufficient and in some cases redundant for evacuation route lighting.

Fire Safety Management Strategy is normally broken down into 5 key focus areas with a sixth added contingency:

1. Prevention

2. Escape

3. Communication

4. Confinement

5. Suppression

6. Contingency

JALITE Safety signs and safety way-guidance systems support and reinforces each of these strategy focus areas and is a key element of the specific communication strategy. Photoluminescent safety products now form an active part of Fire Safety management Strategy for enterprises who are all "above minimum requirements" companies and enterprises.

Guide to Fire Risk Assessment

JALITE have sponsored an  independant source of advice and information in the form of a magazine dedicated to Means of Escape and Fire Safety Management provisions and solutions.


Useful publications are available from Means of Escape Publications Ltd. from JALITE distributors such as the Guide to Fire risk assessment below:


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