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Escape path marking in stairwells - High Rise Buildings

The result of the implementation of Local Law 26 in New York City  using the New York Code RS6-1 is that some 1600 of the total of approximately 1750 buildings have now been completed.

JALITE systems were accepted and are installed in many of the most prestigous of the high rise buildings in Manhattan and offer a new standard of expertise for this industry. JALITE offered durable systems in self adhesive vinyl with high performance adhesive , rigid pvc with a specially selected double sided foam adhesive for easy installing  and long service in its flagship JALITE AAA quality as well as very high performance aluminium product with exceptional high Brightness.

All these new products are now available for distribution around the world.


It is also news that at a recent meeting for IBC Code revision by the ICC  that stairwell  marking systems based on the New York Code will form part of the codes in the future for all buildings.

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