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International Standard ISO 7010:2003 - Graphical symbols: Safety signs in workplaces and public areas


International Standard ISO 7010 was published to confirm the correct design for safety signs for the purposes of accident prevention, fire protection, health hazard information and emergency evacuation, and will apply generally to all types of premises, particularly workplaces, and all premises where there is a requirement for safety information to be communicated by way of safety signs.


The purpose of this new Standard was to solve any confusion that exists about the design of safety signs. The other specifically new requirement is that all safety signs are now required to be illuminated at all material times (times during which the emergency lighting is required to be illuminated, e.g. at all times that persons are on the premises, or at times the main lighting is not available, according to the regulations and conditions of certificate or license as appropriate). A simple way of achieving this is by using photoluminescent materials.


JALITE`s range of photoluminescent signs satisfy these new Standards. The range of JALITE AAA signs are manufactured to ensure a cost effective and guaranteed source of illumination under emergency conditions either during power failure or when smoke obscures ceiling lights or emergency lighting.


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 Safety way guidance signs - part 1 (2MB)


 Safety way guidance signs - part 2 (2MB)


 Fire fighting location signs


 First aid location signs


How easy is it to locate your A.E.D. units?


JALITE manufacture a range of A.E.D. (automated external defibrillator) signs, ensuring that you can locate this vital piece of emergency equipment when you need it most!


JALITE AAA defribulator signs


Emergency Escape Breathing Devices - 07/2002


JALITE PLC assist vessels in meeting the requirement under IMO Resolution MSC.99 (73) (adopted on 5th December 2000) which states that all passenger ships carrying more than 36 passengers must install the minimum of two E.E.B.D. units.


E.E.B.D. leaflet #1


E.E.B.D. leaflet #2


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