Photoluminescent Exit Signs

JALITE Photoluminescent Exit Signs are proven to remain visible and legible for all normal evacuation periods and are now listed under UL 924 to replace electrical emergency Exit signs having an autonomy of 90 minutes at a minimum distance of 50 ft when activated with only 50 lux of the normal fluorescent lighting

Many people think that photoluminescent safety signs are only for marking the Exit door on escape paths however they provide complete direction information along the escape path at high and low locations and alongside way guidance lines provide a complete safety way guidance system.


Such systems have been installed in all of New York tall buildings, in the Pentagon and other sensitive areas where disaster preparedness has unfortunately become essential. Time and time again, in fire and major disasters, the use of photoluminescent systems, completely independant of power sources other than the normal lighting, are proven to be effective to aid evacuation and saves lives.


Under any type of formal fire risk assessment the requirement for photoluminescent Exit signs and Exit direction signs is immediately identifiable for most all the built environments and structures.


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Photoluminescent Exit Signs

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UL 924 Certified Photoluminescent Exit sign

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