JALITE Photoluminescent Materials

JLUME Materials

The introduction of JLUME photoluminescent materials now provides safety professionals with an extremely powerful tool for risk areas where egress may be slow or where activating illumination may be either lower or may be expected to be lost some time prior to evacuation.


These materials are currently available in the following forms: flexible non-adhesive vinyl tapes and rolls and rigid PVC boards. They are designed for floor proximity, escape path route marking and other safety applications.


JLUME Non Adhesive Vinyl is available in rolls of 10m, 20m, 30m, 40m and 50m (nominal width of 1000mm) and JLUME Rigid Board is available in sheet form 1370mm x nominal 610mm (1.3mm thick) minimum order quantity : 5 sheets. For a quotation please click here.




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