JALITE Photoluminescent Materials

Material Performance

JALITE photoluminescent materials are designed to have optimum luminance performance as tested to DIN 67 510 Part1/ISO 17398/ISO 16069 to control carefully the essential high initial light emission intensity and the persistance and longevity of performance.

These tests show that the materials largely exceed the minimum requirements of the Photoluminescent Safety Products Association (P.S.P.A.) Classifications in all Classes. Class A materials fully satisfy the requirements of DIN 67 510 Part 4 and furthermore meet the requirements of P.S.P.A. Class A. Class A specifically responds to the specification of IMO Resolution A.752 (18).

Class B, C, D materials consistently perform at the top of their Class. Certificates of Conformance are always available to provide confirmation of  this excellent performance..

Class A product performance criteria gives a high level of luminance for both initial brightness and longevity, offering visible escape route illumination in excess of 5 hours in a blackout situation.


Class B and C materials offer products for meeting higher specifications than Class A particularly in locations where in situ lighting is insufficient for saturation.

New advanced JLUME photoluminescent materials are also tested to DIN 67 510 and results show that the materials satisfy the requirements of the highest P.S.P.A. classification - Class D.


All plastics materials have been optimized for high performance in ageing, printability, fire retardance, scratch resistance and are exceptional in uniformity and consistency.

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