Low Location Lighting Application

Low Location Lighting System

The JALITE Low Location Lighting, Escape Route Lighting System comprises a high tensile PVC or Aluminium unit that is simply fitted mechanically to the wall and skirting surface. Once in place, the JALITE photoluminescent material and appropriate signs are clipped into the PVC unit to complete the system. Kits are available which include 6 x 1m long Low Location Lighting photoluminescent panels, 5 x 0.61m long photoluminescent panels, 5 x 2m long housing and 14 directional signs. For a quotation please click here.



Floor Proximity Escape Route Lighting

Office and open area systems

The JALITE FPL505 Office System offers the first elegant solution for escape route lighting for open plan offices and reception areas. This system can be installed into the carpetting to provide a highly visible escape path.

The system can be installed with the photoluminescent quality required and adapted to the expected escape evacuation egress time and distance. JALITE systems are available with the unique AAA luminance performance to the ultra bright long duration JLUME. Quality covers all the classifications of ISO 17398 Standard for these materials.









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