Photoluminescent Safety Signs

JALITE photoluminescent safety signs are produced from no less than 5 different grades of photoluminescent material with luminance decay properties classified according to ISO 17398.


The classification system for photoluminescent materials has been extended recently to cover much improved performance shown in


High performance materials are now required to meet the requirements of UL924 EXIT signs replacing Electrical emergency lighting EXIT signs.


UL924 Listed Photoluminescent EXIT signs are also used under new Building Codes to supplement at low location traditional Exit signs.


See our UL924 product details here

Visit Dedicated web-site for UL924 Listed Photoluminescent Exit Signs


Most JALITE Fire Safety Signs are produced using the flagship qualities JALITE AAA and JALITE SB for sub surface printed product showing exceptional brightness at low activation.

Safety signs for OSHA requirements are shown here.


The full range of photoluminescent safety signs to International Standards of design are shown under International pages and on



Photoluminescent Safety Signs to "Best Practice"

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