Photoluminescent Exit Signs

Exit Signs is the commonly used  term for the provision of signs that are intended to make doors that lead to escape routes or are on escape paths distinguishable and easily recognised. Exit signs, in the most limited context, are signs located above the doors and are commonly considered to be part of the provisions of emergency lighting that are required by building regulations.


Photoluminescent Exit Signs provide for a display of directional information along the escape routes that reinforce the confidence of evacuees to move even under power failure conditions.

JALITE Photoluminescent Exit Signs are part of the full and comprehensive range of means of escape signs that form a clear, unambiguous communication of the exits and the route to be followed. Means of Escape signs are fulfilling the essential basic requirement "that from anywhere within a building, occupants shall be able to identify the shortest route to an exit and to a final point of relative safety".

examples of JALITE Exit signs

For UL924 compliant Exit signs see here

Graphical symbol Exit Signs

JALITE has been at the forefront of Standardization in safety signs for over 20 years and one of the very first International Standard graphical symbols recognized as having the essential level of comprehension was the now famous "running man through the door" symbol. Designed by the world famous design school in japan in the 1980's by Prof. Ota.

International Exit sign symbol

This graphical symbol from the cornerstone Standard ISO 7010, with the assigned meaning/referent "Exit" is now in use throughout the world and is included in NFPA Codes. In combination with directional arrows and possibly supplementary text, this sign offers the ONLY comprehensive and "best practice" solution to directional signing for exits on escape paths.

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