Safety Legislation

British Standards

British Standard BS 5499-1 2002 Graphical Symbols & Signs, Safety Signs, including Fire Safety Signs.


This part of BS 5499 contains the specification for fire safety signs. Some extracts are quoted below:


"The six classes of fire safety sign are as follows:
a) prohibition signs
b) warning signs
c) mandatory signs
d) safe condition signs
e) fire equipment signs
f) supplementary signs."


"The layout of fire safety signs shall be in accordance with BS 5378 : Part 1"


"Directional arrows on fire safety signs shall only be used in association with that sign and shall have the same background colour. Arrows shall not be used alone on signs."


"Supplementary signs, with text only, may be used in conjunction with any of the signs specified? where additional information is required, but they shall not be used alone."


British Standard BS 5499 Part 4 2000 Safety signs, including fire safety signs

Code of Practice for escape route signing


This Code reflects best practice; the illustrations show a system designed to provide the optimum amount of information to identify clearly the location and direction of the means of escape from the built environment to a place of safety.


British Standards BS 5499 Part 5 2002 Safety signs, including fire safety signs

Signs with specific safety meaning

This part of BS 5499 specifies safety signs using the system of geometric shapes and safety colours specified in BS 5499 Part 1. It is applicable to signs providing information on the actions to be taken to prevent or reduce the risk of accidents, forewarning of hazards and for dealing with certain emergencies including the identification of escape routes and the location of fire equipment.

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