Safety Signs and Symbols

Since the early 1970's, National and International Standards bodies have been working to provide best practice in the design of graphical symbol safety signs. The ultimate goal is to communicate effectively with safety signs and symbols that are independant of language. With base work being done in the 1990's on the process of standardization and coordination of efforts from all over the world, the keystone International Standard ISO 7010 was born. ISO 7010 has now completed a further revision to cover the vast majority of safety signs and symbols common to the workplace. Many more are in the process of standardisation covering more specialised fields and to provide essential accreditation to the best practice available for all the presently standardised safety signs from many other ISO sources and the world.


JALITE has participated in this process now for more than 20 years and offers the ultimate service of design and conformance to best practice standards. It is expected that ISO 7010 will be adopted as the National Standard by many countries and become the European Standard.



ISO 7010 Safety Sign and symbols

Meaning: EXIT

Know your safety signs and symbols

Under duty of care in the workplace and as part of general education there is an obligation for tuition to be provided in the language of safety signs and symbols.

JALITE offer valuable education material to support education and training in the understanding and use of safety signs and symbols.



JALITE Product 9698D-ISO

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